A guy once said that I seek to make things more complicated for myself and, in turn, for others. That is nothing of the sort. All I am doing is asking questions of myself and of the discoveries I have made. I ask myself; could this thing work. I ask whether it is feasible in the workplace. And while work remains important in order to lead a comfortable life or one that you desire, I always ask what this or that can do positively for my personal life. Now, Instagram is no ‘this or that’. It is one of the leading social media platforms in existence today.

My initial thoughts on buying Instagram followers were somewhat cynical but fortunately the enduring words of the late Steve Jobs to ‘make things simpler’ were ingrained in my consciousness. I am still correlating how twenty-first century paradigms of new software technologies and cloud computing can be of any benefit to my personal and professional use. And indeed, it is all good as far I can tell. I am not stuck in the mud if you will with technologies that I cannot comprehend. I am not overawed at all by tech-speak that is the prevail of your twenty-first-century geeks. The new tools at my disposal not only continue to make my life easier and adaptable to how quickly things are happening in the 21st century but continue to help sustain me financially.

I see no reason why it cannot work for you either. Now that my shared sentiments are out of the way, let me go directly to the meat on the bones of this presentation to help you quickly and easily get Instagram subscribers to start following you. Just four points to raise in this presentation, namely the practice of buying followers, following, using the perennial hashtag and the practice of ‘tooling’. This latter point needs explanation. By that I mean to say that it is incumbent upon you to make full and judicious use of all the techno tools at your disposal.

If you are operating from an IG platform, you need not stray very far, if leaving your platform makes you uncomfortable. A myriad of Insta tools are at your disposal to allow you to become an accomplished and successful influencer. Accomplished in the sense that your message will always be coherent and acceptable to those that are following you. Successful in the sense that you have the innate ability to attract new followers to your platform at prodigious rates, like the sunflowers’ pollen attracting the bees.

You can do that well enough by being both acute and creative in the way you utilize your hashtags, correlating with what is already trending on social media platforms. Getting to know all of this can only come about from being a good follower. You can see clearly and presently what others are saying and doing and work out from there what you need to do to respond.

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