Right about now I feel like a real sourpuss. It feels like nobody likes me. The neighbors pass by my window and they look at me as though I’m some kind of ogre. Okay, if you look at my profile pic on Instagram, you may be inclined to agree. No matter how much tweaking and photo-shopping I’ve managed to do, no matter how great the Insta tools all are, I’m still an ugly mug, aren’t I. there’s nothing that can change that fact.

But after just a few blinking moments on my IG platform, I kind of woke up. It’s like no secret, but I know how to get more likes on Instagram. And because it’s no secret, it’s like so all over the internet these days, I really don’t mind sharing some, only some of the things we can do to make sure that everybody likes us. Later tonight, I’ll see the difference in my neighbor’s approach to me. Passing by my window to get even more takeouts – gosh, I’m so hungry right now – if they don’t have smiles on their faces, they’ve got that wicked smirk that they cannot hide.

Thing is, they’ve read my post, and others, and, maybe they felt sorry for me, they’ve ticked the like dialogue box as well in response to the pics I just took. Now, kids, don’t not do this at home. To think I haven’t even dressed or combed my hair this morning. Time for another mug of green tea and a herbal smoke as I contemplate this naughty habit of mine. But, oh well, and hey, who really cares, I’m working from home, doing quite nicely for myself if you don’t mind me saying so. There’s like tons of stuff you can do to improve your SM standing.

But for now, here’s what you do. If there’s no likes on your latest posts right about now, you go right ahead and buy them. In the next couple of hours, there they are; likes, likes and more likes. Herd mentality sets in. Not able to make up their minds or countenance their own opinions, they simply follow what other opinionistas or influencers have already done. Like, like me already!  But it’s got to look like all these people come from somewhere. Takes a while to find them, so here’s what I also do.

I buy my followers. You can too. But here’s the thing. You still want to be the real deal on social media don’t you. You want to have friends and followers that you can, like, actually talk to every now and then. So, that’s what you’ve got to do then. Ya, I know, I know, it’s a clichéd call to action but it’s still what you do. You start a conversation. Give them pics too. And there you go, you’ve given them something real to like. And be nice too. Like them back too, why don’t you.

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